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Brisbane Hub: Getting Academic

Getting academic content

Let's take a whirlwind tour of your online student systems and academic environment. 
You'll use these tools every day so it's helpful to understand how they work. 
Plus, exploration is a fantastic way to learn.

Your academic team

Your academic team are critical partners in your learning success. 

Lecturers will guide you through course content, challenge you to think differently and help you to grow into the professional you want to be. They're also inspiring industry leaders in their own right who can help you to stay abreast of developments and innovation in your field.
Program Managers are your academic leaders and are available to meet with you one-on-one about academic matters (usually through appointment).

Meet your Program Managers

Your online environment

Your student systems, academic tools and learning resources are located on one of three online portals. Below is a brief overview of what each one is, what you'll need it for and what you'll find there. 

Your Campus Portal (also known as Service Hub)

You've made it, you're on the Campus Portal right now. Great work. 

We use the Campus Portal homepage to share important online and on-campus community news including changes to timetables, enrolment information and events.

Come here whenever you need to find support services, course information and careers guidance. There is loads of useful information available that you can access anytime of any day.



Campus Portal

Your Student Portal

The student portal is where you will find your student administration (admin) information and keep your details up to date.

Student admin includes personal details such as your home address, phone number and next of kin and student information such as  fees, class timetable, grades and links to policies.

Your portal even gets its own unique name:

APM - Campfire   William Blue - Concierge   Torrens - MyTorrens  CATC - The Spot   Billy Blue - The Pool Room   
ACNT - Health Point   ANCB - Beauty Spot



Student Portal

Your Learning Portal  

We use the names Blackboard and Learning Portal interchangeably because they are exactly the same thing.

The Learning Portal is an essential tool in your study journey that you'll use to access your classes, course-specific tools, student forums and learning resources. It's also where new students will find Online Orientation.


Learning Portal

Your Library

The Library is the heart of our college and offers you a comprehensive selection of full-text articles, eBooks and online resources that are available 24/7. When it comes to resources and research skills, your Library is your best friend.
You can also attend on-campus and online library workshops and there are plenty of study tips and tricks available on the library website.

Library Website

Your Learning and Academic Skills Unit (LASU)

Aside from your helpful and knowledgeable lecturers, we have a dedicated team of learning professionals known as your Learning and Academic Skills Unit (LASU) on hand to assist you with: 

  • Writing (essays and reports) 
  • Study techniques 
  • Presentation skills
  • Goal setting 
  • Grammar and spelling 
  • Time organisation 
  • Creating an effective study environment 
  • Academic learning 

Think of LASU as your academic coach - they're on your team, they believe in your ability and they'll show you how to master the skills you'll need to do well in the classroom.

You can access LASU support online through your Learning Portal or talk to your Student Services team.

Learn more about LASU Visit LASU Online