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This page is dedicated to providing you with feedback. You are asked to complete a number of surveys during each trimester and annually and we need to let you know what we are doing to continuously improve your experience.

In July, we will have the annual 'Another Student Idea' survey. The information below demonstrates how we have listened and acted on your ideas from the 2015 survey.





Back in July 2015, the 'Another Student Idea' survey asked all of our students 'How can we improve'? We’ve categorised thousands of ideas and worked on what's was most important to you.

Here's what YOU SAID and here’s WHAT WE HAVE DONE!


More spaces to work on campus

We've redesigned the student areas on all levels. We have created space where you can work by yourself and with a group. We have made the seating more comfortable and provided better access to power so that you can sit where you want

Easier Access to Staff

We've made the campus more open and provided easier access to staff. You told us that it can be difficult to find staff on campus so we have removed walls in the staffroom and in the Student Services area

New Technology

We have new screens for every classroom, new computers for both labs and throughout the campus

& we have a new 3D printer      

Study Workloads and Assignment Briefs

We have overhauled our HE subject outlines to streamline assessments, to provide a simple structure and to balance workloads

We have overhauled our VET Subject Outlines and briefs and new marking guides have been created. This process addresses concerns with course structure, clarity of assessments and assessments methods. Interactive PDFs (“iMags”) have been overhauled. 


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And our improvements don’t stop there… stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to have your say in our next Another Student Idea survey!


Contact Student services for any further questions


   (03) 9670 4026

   595 Little Collins St

      Melbourne VIC 3000