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Towards the end of each study period you'll be prompted to re-enrol in your course by selecting your subjects for the next trimester. This page outlines everything you need to know about subject selection to make the process smooth and simple.

What subjects do I choose? What steps do I take? Who can help me? Student FAQs
Refer to your course outline on your course page You'll enrol online via the Subject Selection tool or manually Contact your re-enrolment team for expert advice plus drop-in
and chat!
Get all your questions about enrolment answered here
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What subjects do I choose?

Before you get started on your subject selection, get to know what subject you'll need to enrol in for the next study period.

You can find this information in your course outline. This is a document that outlines all the subjects you need to complete to earn your qualification.

Find your course outline on your course page.




What steps do I take?

Re-enrolling is easy! Simply go to your Student Portal, follow the prompts to select your subjects and classes for next trimester.

Check the dates below to see if re-enrolment is open for you.

HE courses
Study area Check your inbox

Thursday, 12 April

Design Tuesday, 10 April
Education Tuesday, 10 April
Health Wednesday, 11 April
Hospitality Thursday, 12 April

*VET students - your re-enrolment is almost ready! Check your inbox in Week 10 for all the details


Who can help me?

Depending on your question, we have the team ready to support you:

Your question Team What they specialise in Contact
What subjects do I choose? Campus Life (front counter team)
  • Subject selection guidance
  • How to use your enrolment tool

03 9670 4026

Talk to us at the front desk

What electives do I choose to get ready for my career? ** Success Coaches
  • Industry relevant knowledge 
  • Using skills learned to apply to future work and study


Ask us about your re-enrolment at our drop-in sessions

I’m moving into my next subject level (year 1 to 2 or Level 100, 200 or 300), what skills do I need? Learning Support
  • Study skills
  • Assessment support

Your Learning Support team

 ** How do I utilise my subjects to ensure I get the most out of it for my career?

But wait! We may have already answered your question. Check the FAQs below! 

Enrolment FAQs

We get lots of questions about subject selection. So, before you pick up the phone to call us, check if we've already answered your question in our FAQs!

If you are an international student or a transitioning student (moving into a different course next trimester), you'll also find some handy tips in there for you.

Subject FAQs

​​What subjects should I select for next trimester?

To follow your course progression, check out your course outline. This will help you map out what you have already completed and what you have left.Once you have figured out what you want to study, find your enrolment email and follow the link, this will take you through to select your subjects

I want to select the right subjects, who can help?

If you are having trouble selecting from the subjects available, you can always get in contact with our campus life staff to help you through it.
Campus Life – they will assist you through what is on offer and what is part of your course progression

How can I change my subjects?

If you are wishing to change a subject or a time, you can either go to your student portal or contact Customer Service with your request. 

Can I change my course?

If you are wishing to change your course, you can do so by completing a course transfer form.  In order to get you into your new subjects on time, complete this form prior to the trimester starting.

How can I withdraw from a subject?

Withdrawing from your subject is easy, either go into your student portal or let us know in writing. Make sure you check the ‘key dates’ section to ensure you understand your liability. 

I am unable to select subjects online? 

If you have followed the link in your enrolment email to the portal and cannot access your subjects, please contact our Customer Service team on the number or email above and they will be able to assist. It may be something to do with your course or a technical issue on our end. 

I have enrolled into my subjects but cannot see them in Blackboard, what do I do?

Students are given access to their subjects and the content within the week prior to the trimester commencing. Any changes to your enrolment will also reflect in blackboard within 48 hours of the changes being made, this includes changing your subjects or course.

I cannot log into my student portal/Blackboard, what do I do?

If you are unable to log in, you should be able to reset your password on the log in home page. This will send you through instructions via email to update your details. 

If you have already done so and are still unable to get through, click on Contact Us on the log in page. This will send an enquiry through that we can investigate for you. 

How do I find out what subjects are on offer this trimester? 

To see your available subjects for the upcoming trimester, follow the link within your enrolment email. This will then show you what subjects your course will have to choose from. 

I want to enrol into a subject but cannot see it on the timetable, what do I do? 

If a subject is not showing once you open the enrolment link, it may be because it is not running this trimester or it may possibly be full. In the first instance we recommend trying to select another subject that is within your course, if no alternatives can be selected, contact our Customer Service team on the details above and we can work with you to find a resolution. 

When does the next trimester start?

Check out your Key Dates page and find all the information you need

When can I enrol into my subjects?

Enrolments will open for students throughout weeks 9 & 10 of each trimester. If you do not receive anything by week 10, please contact us and we will ensure you receive enrolment information. 

When do I have to be enrolled by?

We recommend that students enroll as soon as possible, due to high numbers for some courses subjects will fill up. To avoid missing out on your preferred classes, take 5 minutes to look over your course architecture and organise your subjects prior to enrolment opening. The enrolment cut-off date will be Week 2 each trimester.

When is census date?

Census date for each trimester falls in week 3, check out the Key Dates page to see more details. Census date is the last date in the study period to defer or withdraw from subjects without incurring a financial liability.

Who does census date apply to? 

Census date applies to domestic students enrolled in FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan enabled courses only. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please contact Customer Service and we can help you out. 

I do not have my results yet, can I enrol into my next subjects? 

Subject Selection will open prior to your previous trimesters results being published. We recommend to use your course architecture to select subjects within your course progression. Keep in mind, your subjects may need to be altered if a pre-requisite is failed for example. 

If you are unsure what to select next, contact our customer service team and they can help talk you through your course architecture. 

If I fail a subject, do I have to repeat it straight away?

If you fail a subject, we recommend that students complete it in the following trimester whilst the information is fresh in your head. This way, you can pinpoint with your lecturer the area to work on right away. 

I want to apply for course credit for a subject, how do I do so? 

Applying for course can be done by completing the application for course credit form. We recommend applying for course credit/RPL as soon as your have your documents available. If you are selecting your subjects for the upcoming trimester and plan on applying for course credit/RPL, ensure you don't select this subject(s).

Ensure when applying for credit you provide us with as much supporting documentation as possible, this includes:

  • learning outcomes
  • volume of learning
  • program of study (including content)
  • learning and assessment approaches

How many subjects should I enrol into? 

International students are required to study full time (except with approved variation in enrolment). Therefore, the maximum time for them to complete the course will be as stated on their electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) and according to the length of their student visa.

Students are expected to enrol in at least one subject per study period, unless on an approved leave of absence.

For Higher Education (HE) courses, the international student must be enrolled in full time study, which in HE courses is determined by equivalent full time study load (EFTSL) and not contact hours per week. To be considered full-time, the student must complete a minimum of 1.0 EFTSL of study per year, and the standard course duration is governed by the Australian Qualifications Framework.

How many online subjects can I choose?

In total, international students can enrol into one third of their course online. Online subjects should be spread across the length of your course, not taken all in one trimester together.

I won't finish my course by my end date, how do I update it?

The maximum time for international students to complete their course will be stated on their eCoE and according to the length of their student visa.

Your college/university may extend an international student’s course duration if:

  • there are compassionate or compelling circumstances
  • the student has been identified as at risk of not meeting the course progression requirements and Torrens has implemented, or is in the process of implementing, an intervention strategy
  • the student’s leave of absence has been approved according to section 13 (Leave of Absence) and in accordance with the provisions of Standard 9 of the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018.

Contact Student Services or our Customer Service team if you need to request an extension.

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