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Why Torrens?

Torrens University Australia brings a fresh, modern, careers-focussed perspective to higher education.

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Three of our award-winning colleges will transition from the Think Education Group to Torrens University Australia (TUA) in 2016:

BMIHMS began their transition earlier this year and are now 90% complete. With only a few students to go, we’re ready to take APM and Billy Blue on the same journey.

APM and BBCD students studying in higher education courses (HE) will be offered a place at Torrens University in T3.

A new look for a new partnership

As Billy Blue brings its exciting new partnership with Torrens University (TUA) to life, you’ll start to notice cosmetic changes to your online student environments. This means, over time, we’ll replace Think Education logos with TUA branding on the Campus Portal, Student Portal, Blackboard and the Library. ­­­

As Think Education and its colleges remain important members of the Australian network, you’ll continue to see Think represented in various mediums at different times.

And, your Student Portal gets a new name

When you transition to Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia, your Student Portal will be renamed “MyTorrens”.

Instead of clicking on the Poolroom, simply head to MyTorrens for all of your student administration needs.

Speaking of student administration

Why have one, when you can have two enrolment records?!

When you transition to TUA, you are accepting a new offer. This means you’ll see two enrolment records on your Student Portal – your original enrolment and your new enrolment. We’ve labelled these clearly on MyTorrens so you can tell the difference:

Transitioned: This is your past record of enrolment with Think Education

Enrolled: New record of enrolment with Torrens University Australia

Your academic transcripts

All subjects completed under Think will be credit transferred to your new Torrens University enrolment. Upon completion of your qualification, you will receive a transcript for all subjects completed with Think Education and a transcript for all subjects completed with TUA.

A graduation to be proud of

Your final testamur will be issued by Torrens University.



I have already accepted my offer, why do I have to do it again? 

Some students accepted the transition offer to move their course from Think to Torrens University but did no accept their new Fee Help application. In order to finalise this transition, you will need to accept both.  To do so, after the offer letter is accepted, you will be prompted to accept Fee Help, if you do not see this prompt, it will also be available on your student portal. 

I have received my offer letter and can see that it says credit transfers with a dollar amount, what does this mean?

Any subjects that show on your offer letter under the course credit section with Credit Transfer written next to them are those subjects you have already completed through out your course. 

Credit Transfers are on my offer letter, do I have to pay for these? 

Any subjects that are showing with credit transfer will not need to be paid for. The dollar value listed next to the subject is showing the amount the subject is worth, not a billed amount.

How do I find my transition offer? 

You will receive a notification to accept either via sms or email. If for any reason you cannot find your notification, it will be available to you on your student portal. Once logged in, on the bottom left hand side of the home page you will see a notification to accept your new offer. 

Why do I have to sign a  new offer letter? Can you change it for me? 

In order for us as a provider to have your enrolment transferred to Torrens University, we need all students to confirm the change by accepting their new offer letter. This document is legally binding. 

What do I have to do to accept?

To accept, the transition offer will take you through a number of steps including:

  • Accepting the transition agreement
  • Confirming the changes to your enrolment
  • Confirming your payment method, Upfront/Fee Help
  • Terms and Conditions

Then confirm that your new Offer is complete.

When can I accept the new offer up until? Is there a cut off? 

Students will have the opportunity to accept the transition offer up until census date of Trimester 2 2016. If it is not accepted by this date, you will still have the option to do so. If it is accepted after this time, a new enrolment will be set up for Trimester 3 2016.

What if I do not wish to transition? Can I stay with Think?

For those not wishing to make the transition to Torrens university at this stage, you will be able to continue to study under the THINK provider until the end of 2018. If you graduate during this period your Testamur will be issued by Think: Colleges.

There will be no consequential change to your day to day campus experience or course delivery.

After 2018 we will talk to you about whether you wish to transition to Torrens at no financial or academic disadvantage, withdraw, or remain on an agreed study plan with THINK. 

What happens if I change my mind about the transition and now wish to accept my new offer to Torrens?

Your offer for your new provider will be available throughout the course of your studies, which will allow you to transition at any time. 


I need fill out my Fee Help help form but have already accepted my offer, how can I do this?

You can either revisit your transition offer email and follow the transition link or log into your portal and apply there. 

When we partner with Torrens will the changes affect students’ eligibility for Commonwealth HELP (eg, FEE-HELP)?

When students partner with Torrens as their new provider, this will involve an easy online process that involves
accepting this change. The change will have no impact on students’ eligibility for Commonwealth HELP support. We will let you know more information on this step soon.

Will I have to accept Fee Help again? Why?

All students as  a part of this transition will have to re-accept fee help if that is there preferred mode of payment. This is because your provider will be changing from Think Colleges to Torrens University. This will mean your Fee Help will be attached to alternative provider. Please note that you must fill out the form in order to be accepted to use Fee Help, if it is not successfully completed, you will be required to pay your fees upfront.

Am I able to change my payment method once I transition? Can I use Fee Help but pay upfront for 1 Trimester? 

Students who accept their transition offer for the new provider will be prompted to fill out a Fee Help application. If it is not filled out by the census date of the trimester, students will be required to pay upfront. Once you are enrolled into your new course, you will receive an invoice showing your subjects. From this you will be able to make an upfront payment if you desire, rather than charge the subjects onto your Fee Help loan.

Why am I receiving invoices and credit notes? (VET Fee Help & Fee Help)

All students using Fee Help/VET Fee Help will receive an invoice for their studies, this will generate once you are enrolled into your classes. As a Fee Help student you are not required to pay anything upfront, the invoice is for your records to show your subject cost. Once you go through the transition you will receive a credit note and an invoice. The credit note will show your removal from your Think provider course and your new invoice will show your subjects under your new Torrens provider enrolment.

Why am I receiving invoices and credit notes? (Upfront)

All students Upfront paying students will receive an invoice for their studies, this will generate once you are enrolled into your classes. Once you go through the transition you will receive a credit note and an invoice. The credit note will show your removal from your Think provider course and your new invoice will show your subjects under your new Torrens provider enrolment. If you have already paid your tuition fee by the time of transition your money will be allocated to your new enrolment.

I pay upfront, will I have to pay again? 

 You will not be required to pay again, to confirm, ensure you look at your invoice. If you have already paid your fees and then complete the provider transition, any amount paid will be moved to your new Torrens provided enrolment.

How much do your courses cost?

The cost of each course varies and it is best to talk with one of our Course & Careers Advisors who can discuss the course offering and its associated costs. 

I am already enrolled, will I have to pay more because of the transition to Torrens? 

No, there will be no additional cost involved for students who are going through the transition to Torrens. Course prices are subject to increase annually. You can check any fee increased or loan fees through your Fee Help Commonwealth Assistance Notice which available on your portal.

Think are changing their bank from  St George to CBA. Will this affect student payments?

The only change that will occur is that student payments will not be directed to an alternative bank. All details on students invoices and accounts surrounding Direct Deposit and Telegraphic Transfer will show the new CBA payment details. Cash payments will now need to be made at a CBA branch. For questions, students can email finance at

I have submitted an assessment and now accepted the transition offer, will I have to submit it again?

No assessment or submitted work will be lost during the transition process. Although your provider will change you will not loose any access to the portal. 

Will my course timetable change?

Your course timetable will remain the same

Will the course content change?

No, there will be no change to your course or its content as a part of this change. The only different you will notice, is updated logos on your content, instead of showing your college specific icon you will now see a Laureate Australia logo on the PowerPoints and content. 

I have completed subjects under my course with Think. Will I have to apply for course credit or repeat them if I move to Torrens?

Any subjects completed through your Think provided course will automatically be transitioned to your new enrolment during the transition process. You will not need to complete a course credit application for. You will not have to repeat any subjects, unless you have not passed them. 

I already have course credit for some subjects in my Think provided course from prior studies/experience, do I have to apply for this again? 

Any grades in your Think provided course, including credit transfer/RPL, will be reflected in our Torrens enrolment.

I’m graduating in T1.16 will my parchment/certificate show Torrens University?

No. As these changes are applicable from Trimester 2 2016, those students that graduate in Trimester 1 2016 will not have their parchment/certificate co-branded with Torrens. It will only show their original college.

I already completed a Diploma with APM, BBCD or Blue Mountains will that change to Torrens too?

No. If you have graduated from APM.BBCD.BMI in the past your enrolment record will not change. The change will only affect new enrolments from Trimester 2 2016 onwards.



Is this going to change with the way we teach/run our classes?

No, there will be no changes to how we teach and run our classes. We are reorganizing into verticals in business, hospitality, design and health but this will not impact how we run our classes.

My college/institution has a very strong reputation. How can we ensure that it won’t be weakened throughout this process?

Our aim is that your college/institution will gain the benefits of joining Torrens while still maintaining its strong reputation.

How many universities does Laureate have around the world?

Laureate has a network of more than 80 institutions across 28 countries with over 1,000,000 enrolled students.

What are the implications these changes will have for staff?

There will be no implication to staff, all of our campus/academic staff will remain the same.

How can students be sure they’ll receive a quality education?

Students can be assured Torrens, Think and Blue Mountains Academic Governance remains strong and in place and this governance is endorsed by either TEQSA (Higher Education) or ASQS (Vocational Education) for all institutions.

Will this impact our industry partnerships (for example, the brand we partner with for the Graduate Privileged Partners Program)?

There will be no impacts on industry partnerships, in fact we are looking to benefit from the range of industry partnerships across Torrens, Think and Blue Mountains and grow the depth of our industry relationships creating greater opportunities for students.

I currently have a student email address, will this change if I move to Torrens University? 

At this stage no APM or Billy Blue college email address will change. We will be sure to let you know if anything is going to change well in advance.

Tell me more about Laureate Australia?

Laureate Australia comprises - Torrens University Australia, Think Education and Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. Laureate Australia is part of Laureate International Universities Laureate's network of more than 80 campus-based and online institutions offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to over 1,000,000 students around the world. Our students are part of an international, academic community that spans 28 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

How will these changes benefit current students at Torrens, BMIHMS and Think Education?

These developments will increase collaboration and partnership between Torrens University Australia, Think Colleges and Blue Mountains. It will improve the opportunities for our students to experience the benefits of the Laureate global and local communiities. This will create an environment which will encourage further academic innovation.

Will the Think College's and BMIHMS be completely rebranded/ will the School have a new name?

Each college/institution will continue to be known by its' current name and the main change is that the qualifications will be conferred and awarded by Torrens University Australia. Graduation documents will now say Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens Unviersity Australia, for example.

Why are some Think colleges becoming part of Torrens but not others?

Our intention for is Billy Blue College of Design, APM College of Business and Communication and the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School to join Torrens University in early 2016. We believe these colleges are best suited to this change at this time and once all of these changes are fully implemented, we will consider other THINK colleges to join the University.

What is the impact on students partnering with Torrens?

The process of partnering with Torrens is being designed to have minimal impact on existing students. We will be in contact soon with the next steps however for the moment focus on finishing your studies for this year and we will back in contact when we need to advise you of the next steps.

What courses does Laureate Australia offer?

Laureate Australia offers the same range of courses it currently has across Think, Torrens and Blue Mountains. We will continue to innovate and bring on new courses that meet the needs of students.

Can students study at other Laureate universities around the world?

We are increasing our opportunities to study across the Laureate network. Already Torrens Commerce students can do a semester abroad at INTI, one of Laureate's institutions in Malaysia. The opportunities to collaborate, learn and research across the network will continue to grow over time.

Do I need to get a new Student Visa? 

Any International students who moves to Torrens University as their new provider will be able to continue to study under their current student visa. 

Does this affect my Student Visa?

No student visa's will be affected by this change. Your college, once you have accepted your new offer, will change your provider on your COE for you. 

I am an international student who has already paid my deposit for a future course, where will this go? Do I have to pay again?

Any future fees paid will be automatically move to our new enrolment, no students will be required to pay again if payment has already been received. 

Will this transition affect my Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)?

No, the health cover is not link to the provider. It should be linked to you as a student. If you have to for any reason extend your course, it is a good idea to touch base with your health cover provider to ensure that it is also extended. 




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