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Welcome to your new Service Hub

Welcome to the Wakefield and Online Student Hub!

Here you can access your learning portal, find forms and get the latest news, upcoming events and career information when you want it.

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Adelaide Exam Timetable | Trimester 1, 2017 

Please CLICK HERE to see the Adelaide Exam Timetable

Bachelor of Commerce | Master of Professional Accounting | Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced) 

Exams begin the week starting 15 May 2017.

Important information: 

  • Students must arrive at registration time with student ID card. Students who arrive after the start time will not be allowed to take exam.
  • Open book: Any course related materials are allowed, but communication with any other party for direct assistance in completing the exam is not permitted.
  • Please note that if you have an exam clash you will need to contact Program Director before COB Friday the 5th of May, to make arrangements to sit on the alternative Clash Exam.

Best of luck with your exams! 



Are you interested in being a Torrens University Student Ambassador?

Our Student Ambassadors, are employed on a casual basis and assist in promoting and representing Torrens University (South Australia) at a variety of different events such as: career nights, expo's, student recruitment events and activities.

Need more information or are interested in applying CLICK HERE to see the Position Description.

Final study tips to get you through!
Tips from Success Coach Richard Whitfield



Now you’re down to the pointy end, it’s time to ignore distractions. It can be hard, but it’s only for a few days. Eat and sleep well, take regular (short) breaks, have a social media hiatus. Make final assessments and revision front and centre.


Break it down

Time is getting tight. To stop feeling overwhelmed, break each assessment down into smaller, more manageable tasks.


Make a list to prioritise your assessment tasks. Work on and complete each task before moving onto the next. Personally, I like to start with the easiest tasks. Then, once I’ve got a few items ticked off my list, those harder tasks don’t seem quite so intimidating.

Do no more and do no less

When tackling your assessments, clarity and precision will always trump waffle and bloat. You won’t get extra marks for writing 5000 words for a 2000 word assessment (in fact, you will probably be marked down).

Perfection is the enemy of complete

We should always strive to do our very best, but this is very different from obsessively tweaking and fine-tuning. Perfectionism is a close relation to that other debilitating disease, procrastination.

Sheryl Sandberg made a pretty good point when she said, ‘Done is better than perfect.’

Double down

You’re on the home stretch now and that little bit of extra effort could make all the difference between a Fail and a Pass or maybe a Distinction and a High Distinction. A little extra effort now can bring a HUGE return.


Once it’s all done it’s a great feeling to know you’ve given it your best shot. Relax, recuperate and celebrate. Treat yourself, catch up with your (neglected!) family and friends or take a short break.

And finally, keep it in perspective: it’s OK to fail


Yes, it hurts and yes it’s demotivating. Lance Armstrong might not be the most credible source, but he nailed it when he said ‘pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever’. 

A change to invoice payment options

For the safety of our community, we no longer accept cash payment on campus. Please refer to your invoice for payment options.


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Student Services is available to help! Meet the Wakefield Student Services team.

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Student and Academic services

 Ground level, 82-98 Wakefield Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000

  (08) 8113 7888  

Opening Hours:

**During Trimester break we are open Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm** 

Monday - Friday between 8am-7pm during the Trimester




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